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The SPÜLBOY NU glass cleaning tablets guarantee’s  that the glassware being cleaned in the SPÜLBOY   Glassware cleaning system is 100% bacteria free!

The SPÜLBOY NU Glass cleaning tablets comes in a 500g container with 100 soap tablets for 100 applications.

The SPÜLBOY NU Soap tablets will be your only opperating expense when it comes to cleaing glassware (besides the tiny amount of cold water you would have had to use in order to clean the glass in the first place)



Spulboy Glassware Cleaning Detergent.

By using a Spulboy Glassware cleaning system you aren’t simply cleaning glasses, you’re conditioning them!

Using Spulboy’s detergent when cleaning a glass is the only way to make absolutely certain that your glassware is 100% bacteria free and ready to be served to your customers

Spulboy’s Glassware cleaning detergents were specially designed for the purpose of cleaning glassware in the bar, hotel and restaurant industry.

Spulboy has designed a soap that is easy to manage by ensuring that the exact same dosage is used each and every time to guarantee the same perfectly clean, “Beer ready” glass each and every time.

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