Spulboy Soap Kit

Spülboy Soap Kit


Spulboy Glassware Cleaning Detergent.

By using a Spulboy Glassware cleaning system you aren't simply cleaning glasses, you're conditioning them! Using Spulboy's detergent when cleaning a glass is the only way to make absolutely certain that your glassware is 100% bacteria free and ready to be served to your customers


  • Spulboy's Glassware cleaning detergents were specially designed for the purpose of cleaning glassware in the bar, hotel and restaurant industry.  


  • Spulboy has designed a soap that is easy to manage by ensuring that the exact same dosage is used each and every time to guarantee the same perfectly clean, "Beer ready" glass each and every time.

Spülboy Glassware Washing Tablets.


 Spulboy soap tablets come in a 750g Box, each box contains 5 trays and each tray has 12 soap tablets. The soap tablets are designed to be split into quarters and added to the washing side of the Spulboy.

  • With the Spulboy Glassware cleaning system it is possible to clean 720 glasses p/hour, that means that a single quarter of the spulboy detergent is capable of cleaning 4320 glasses. "

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  • Spulboys Glassware cleaning detergent was tested by the Institute of Prof.Kurtz GmbH. The detergent was tested for Escherichia Coli (E-Coli) & Pseudomonas aeruginosa and proved to remove 100% of the bacteria. 
  • Spulboys Glassware cleaning detergent was also tested for its ability to remove the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSP) Type 1 witch is responsible for causing cold-sores and proved to be 99.99% effective in removing the virus. 

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Spulboy Soap Kit

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Spulboy Soap Kit

Spülboy Sanitizer Powder

Spulboy Sanitizer Powder 


Spulboys sanitizer powder was designed for the longevity of your Spulboy glassware cleaning equipment.  The sanitizer powder is used to clean the Spulboy after use. the specialized soap is capable of removing any grease or grime that might build up inside the unit over the course of a days use cleaning glassware. 

The sanitizer powder is meant to be used after a days cleaning by allowing the water inside the Spulboy to drain by removing the center brush. The cleaning side can then be filled up using warm water and then adding a table spoon of the spulboy sanitizer powder and letting it soak over night. the following day all that's left to do is to drain the water by once again removing the center brush and rinsing off the brushes under a cold tap. The Spulboy is then ready for another day of cleaning. 


How often to clean out your Spulboy Glassware cleaning system. 

As a general guide line for keeping a well maintained Spulboy best practice is to clean the unit twice a week.  This can either be done every Wednesday and every Sunday or the unit can be cleaned once on Thursday night so the Spulboy is ready for the busier weekends and once on sunday evening after the busy weekend. The best option is to asses the need to clean your spulboy with a simple visual inspection to determine how often your Spulboy should be cleaned as each bar, hotel and restaurant will be different.  


Spülboy Brush head

The Spulboy brush head is included for free when you buy a Spulboy soap kit as the brush head will wear out at about the same rate the the Soap kit will run out. 


Spulboy Soap Kit