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The all new SPÜLBOY NU® is the latest edition to the Spülboy range.

The SPÜLBOY NU® Starter Kit has everything you need to start cleaning.

The Kit Includes;

1x SPÜLBOY NU® Portable Glassware Cleaning System.                (Brushes Incl.)

1x Water Outlet pipe (1000 mm Drainage hose)

1x Easy-Clix® Water Inlet pipe (comes with 1/2” water                   Connection)

1x 500g canister of Glassware Cleaning Tablets. (100 pcs for       100 fills)

1x 750g Sanitizer powder.

1x Template to be used when unit is being counter sunk.


The SPÜLBOY NU® Portable glassware cleaning system is an industrial glassware cleaning system that requires no electricity or hot water for 100% bacteria free, Beer ready, glass!

SPÜLBOY NU® cleans anything from a 1L beer Maß to a shooter glass and everything in between including delicate wine glasses and Champaign flutes

The SPÜLBOY NU® also uses a fraction of the water that conventional dishwashers do.

SPÜLBOY NU® mechanical cleaning means that the SPÜLBOY NU® can scrub off any lipstick stains, grease or grime residue and when using the Spülboy Glass washing tablets the glasses are 100% bacteria free.

SPÜLBOY NU® is the cheapest and fastest way to ensure that drinking glasses are 100% “Beer Ready”.



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