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SPÜLBOY Hygiene principle


Similar to soaps, Spülboy® glass washing tablets are based primarily on the effect of "surfactants". This medium has been proven to be a very effective virus remover.


Thorough hand washing with soap and water - the easiest and most important method to prevent the corona virus from spreading. From this we derive: As long as original Spülboy® glass washing tablets are used to clean glasses, cold water is effectively washing off all sorts of germs and viruses.


The "soap-like" washing tablets have been proven to remove up to 100% bacteria and 99.9% viruses (Herpes simplex virus (HSP) type 1, Escherichia coll bacteria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria) with every rise with cold water.


The effectiveness of the flushing tablets has been tested and confirmed by independent institutes and authorities. We have not yet been able to test for the special new virus Covid-19 because the corona viruses are not yet available for it.  

Spülboy® Glassware cleaning system.

How to

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  1. Use Spülboy® glass washing tablets in the pre-rinse pot
  2. Pre-clean the glass 3-5 times with a strong, rapid up and down movement completely in the brush pot
  3. Drain the glass over the pre-rinse pot and rise the inside and outside for at least 2-3 seconds in the rinse cycle
  4. Clean the brushes daily with original Spülboy® brush cleaner and wipe the devices

Detergents & Cleaner ...

Easy to use!

Add 1 NU® glass detergent tablet into the pre-rinsing canister (brush canister) and, depending on the quantity of glass washes, rinse 100% hygenically for 6-8 hours.
Hint! if no foam forms, the tablet has completely dissolved.

Clear advantages!

Particularly slow release of the NU® tablets guarantees 6-8 hours of hygienic cleaning power!

Optimum activation and distribution of hygiene agents through the unique circulation of fresh water

Gentle ingredients of the NU® tablets - longer life of the brushes

Low foaming and only! during the active rinsing process. So you have a clear view for the handling of glasses

Better than liquid!

Optimal effect! NU® tablets do not float on the water, making them last longer.

Sustainable hygiene! NU® glass washing tablets are biodegradable and extremely economical.

Plus! NU Brush cleaner

To care for and disinfect each Spülboy® glass cleaning brush:

Carefully remove the brushes

Cover with 40°C warm water

Add 2 parts of clean brush and leave around 8 hours (overnight)

Rinse well in the morning and your brushes are clean and in good shape again!

Product Certificate's

Spülboy® always acts in the interest of its clients and their request to guarantee perfect hygiene and a hundred percent cleanliness. To not only keep our high quality standard, but also extend it continuously, we are focusing especially on the innovative development of our products and services.



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